• Devastating Loss = Miraculous Comeback

    We all experience defeat. It's inevitable. However, we all have a huge opportunity to take full control of our response when we experience a devastating loss. We have an opportunity to stage a miraculous comeback. In "Against the Ropes", a young man faces the biggest loss of his career, it's an ultimate low point, but he makes the most courageous decision of his life. In a moment of total adversity, he decides to fight like never before. He decides to develop an incredible vision of who he will become, then he dedicates his life to making it a reality. His quest to become The Heavyweight Champion of the World begins only moments after the biggest defeat of his young life.

  • Victory isn't found, it's created

    Champions don't simply find victory, they create it. They develop purposeful obsessions, they build victorious habits, they break the rules and they never give up. They never give in on the tough days. They fight through them. Especially when they don't feel like it. They realize that every fight is won, or lost, far away from witnesses. It's found in solitude when nobody is watching.

  • Our thoughts become our reality

    Each chapter in “Against the Ropes” provides a real-life story and lesson that will help you create Relentless Forward Momentum. The greatest lesson of all time comes from the man who always said he was "The Greatest of All Time", long before he lived to prove it. The recent passing of Muhammad Ali, one of the most incredible people to ever walk the earth, leaves us all deeply saddened. However, The Champ himself would want nothing more than to be remembered for the incredible lessons he left behind. Ali once said, “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.” Ali dedicated himself to this vision and it became a reality. He proved the existence of a great secret that we all can utilize. The secret is simple – our thoughts become our reality.

  • Lessons From True Legends

    "Against the Ropes" is jam-packed with lessons from real legends. Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Henry Ford, Derek Jeter and many more. Every one of them faced moments of intense adversity. They were all up Against the Ropes at one point, but they never gave up. They continued to fight to make their visions a reality. Don't miss your opportunity to learn from the best.

This book is about never giving up. It was inspired by the incredible lessons of the legendary Muhammad Ali - Rest in Peace, Champ. You will ALWAYS be THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

You don't have to be a boxer to become a fighter in life. We are all engaged in a fight. We can fight to make our dreams a reality, or we can give into the illusion that we are destined for mediocrity. We all deal with these decisions on a daily basis.

This book is about a young man who stages a spectacular comeback to overcome defeat and become The Heavyweight Champion of the World. He never loses sight of what he wants in life, even during the most challenging moments of his life. He stays committed. He stays focused. Most importantly, when life has him up Against the Ropes, he continues to fight. He never gives up.

We all have moments in life where we are up Against the Ropes. These are the moments where nothing seems to be going our way. These are the moments of intense adversity. These are the moments where we face defeat.

These challenging moments define who we become in life. Some people become bitter and give up. But, not you. Every great champion has experienced defeat. They have experienced a moment where everybody would understand why they quit. But, every great champion made a courageous decision in their life to continue fighting to make their dreams a reality.

That’s the difference.